Friday, August 19, 2011

MY Vice: the Shoe Obsession ; )

My online store is almost up and running! But, until I have my merchandise; I'm going to share with you my sinful addiction!! SHOES! I LOVE SHOES! And for those who actually know me, know that I own several pairs and I actually make a sport out of finding the most fly, unusal and unique shoes. Very seldom do buy what I call the " everyday plain Jane" shoe. My shoes contain all the glitter, crystal, bows and whatever else that fit onto my foot. So in honor of my VICE; I'm gonna show you my top 8(my favorite number) hottest shoes for the FALL 2011 (We unfortunately can't all purchase Louboutin's but we can dream!) HAPPY SHOPPING!!

1) Isabel Marant Fringe Boots
OK so add suede+chains+fringe and a cute wedge=THIS BOOT!I love the madonna/cowgirl feel to the desgin. It also has one of this seasons popular adornments: FRINGE!!

2) Pierre hardy rhinestone peep toes- I love sparkle!and especially on a shoe! It reminds me of a MULLET lol serious in the front but FUN in the back!

3) Burberry leather booty
I'm not much of a fan of Burberry's style but, I love this shoe. A pair of dark denim skinny jeans and a sexy leather jacket is the perfect outfit for these booties. Leather/fur....Love it Love it.

4) Thakoon suede booty
Wedges are really hot right now, so making this shoe in suede brings this Spring 2011 trend into Fall 2011 perfectly. I would rock these with an oversized sweater with some patterned leggings/stockings.

5) Fendi neon heels
Neon green mixed with the seriousness and sophistication of an oxford! LOL LOVE IT!! If I was a professor at Havard, I would so were these with my blazer, pencil skirt and buttoned-up shirt. Very classy and little wild on the side.

6) Christian Louboutin fur mule heel
You can't help but,to think SEXY while wearing this shoe. When I look at this shoe,I think sex kitten 60's /Burlesque. I wonder if Maryiln would have been all over this one? Hmmm??

Brian Atwood shoes

Brian Atwood shoes (see more suede flat shoes)

7) Brian Atwood shearling flat boot
Ladies, you must have a flat knee high boot! Its a FALL trend must! but, I like the fur inside that A. Keeps your feet warm and B. Can create a new look by just flipping the sides.

8) Christian Louboutin lace and crystal heel
Its like God heard my prayers and created this shoe for me!!! OMG! Not only does it contain crytals and lace, its pink and has a gold platform! Yes this shoe isn't for everyone but, I would so wear these all day everyday! The are gorgeous......(Having a shoe-freeze right now lol)

Sept 2011, MY ONLINE Store will be open for business! Happy Shopping:)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fall Fashion 2011! Yes, its that time again!

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Lets get down to business: Summer is rapidly approaching us and pretty soon we won't be able to get away with flip flops and shorts. As every Fall season approaches the fashion gods (Vogue, Harper's Bazzaar, W.....etc) send their order in the fashion world to let us the followers know what is in and what is out. So in honor of my very 1st blog, I'm going to give you the top 5 items that are in for this Fall 2011 season.

1. Polka Dots:
A lot items within the end of this month, will contain some type of "Polka-Dot" inspired theme. Honestly I love polka-dot and consider it to be a classy print but, it will be a featured fabric for the Fall. 

2. Key colors:

Mustard and Jade Green will also be the it colors for this autumn. Whether you mix it up with other prints or add a dash to an outfit, these are the colors to wear.

3. Bright colored pants:

This look was popular a couple years ago but, it has recycled its self again. With a bright colored pant you can take some of the drab of fall and winter dark layers. PLEASE MAKE SURE, that your pants properly fit because no amount of trendiness can make your pants look great!

4. MOD look:

Made famous in the 60's, this simple but chic trend has made its way back to our fashion for the Fall. Tunics, pea-coats, and geometric prints are in.

5. Plaid:
Any color, any design! It's a must have for this Fall. Look for fun and unique was to add plaid also. Try accessories, shoes or even fingernail polish.

I hope this gives you guidance to this Fall 2011, I will have my featured outfits up at the end of the month (August 2011)!! Happy Shopping :)

Welcome to JanaeFrank's Fashion Blog

OMG!! 1st Blog ever! lol...

Anyway, Hello shoppers this JanaeFrank and I just wanted to give you a warm welcome to my blog! I initially decided to create this blog because I wanted to help those who live in areas where there is no access to the latest, unique fashions. Born in LA but ,I grew up in the Midwest: specifically Lee's Summit, MO. I can say that I was pretty fashionable and tried to stay on point with the trends. Of course in a town where people wore hunting gear to special events; I got made fun of for being a fashion individual not a follower. Since I hurry up and left after high school, I want to give access to those people who love fashion but, can't necessarily go to their nearest department store and pick up the latest trends from Milan, Italy. Also most stores carry different merchandise depending on the region (Bubble coats in Michigan and bright colored leggings in Miami). Yes, I'm a fashion school dropout (FIDM) not because I sucked but, because I wanted to further my opportunities and receive my BA at USC but, my credits didn't transfer(As FIDM claims). But, It never stopped me from loving and repeatedly studying fashion. I'm putting  my knowledge and navigation skills of the fashion district to good use! If your in need of specific items let me know and I will do my best to find them. So I enjoy my blog and let me know what you think :)